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2012-2013 College Catalog 
2012-2013 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Information


Vision Statement

Our vision for Shelton State Community College: 

Empowering students through commitment to excellence.


Mission Statement

Shelton State Community College is a public, open-admission, comprehensive, community college whose primary mission is to provide accessible postsecondary education, training, and community educational opportunities.

Institutional Values

Excellence Accountability Quality
Integrity Transparency Affordability

Strategic Plan

In 2009 Shelton State Community College adopted “Shelton 2020,” its strategic plan for the next decade. Below are outlined the four strategic imperatives and 19 goals by which the College will achieve its goal of 12,000 students enrolled by the year 2020.

1.0 Enriching Student Learning and Development

  1. SSCC will develop and sustain excellence in instructional programs and support.
  2. SSCC will expand eLearning and other innovative delivery methods for instruction.
  3. SSCC will achieve and maintain student retention, transfer, and graduation rates comparable to national benchmarks.
  4. SSCC will enhance the student life experience through excellence in programs, services, and facilities.

2.0 Empowering Faculty and Staff

  1. SSCC will build a team of diverse, student-centered faculty and staff with the best qualifications and experience in all positions.
  2. SSCC will maximize opportunities for faculty and staff development.
  3. SSCC will be inclusive and open in all deliberations and communications regarding its policies, procedures, and performance expectations.
  4. SSCC will encourage faculty and staff to pursue innovative strategies that enhance student learning and services.

3.0 Expanding Our Impact Areas

  1. SSCC will assess and respond to community needs and opportunities and seek to expand partnerships consistent with its mission.
  2. SSCC will enhance its accessibility and services to underrepresented populations.
  3. SSCC will enhance its distinction as Alabama’s Community College of the Fine Arts.
  4. SSCC will be an essential component for postsecondary education and career/workforce preparation for the region.
  5. SSCC will strengthen partnerships with educational entities within Alabama.

4.0 Ensuring Our Future

  1. SSCC will pursue strategies to increase enrollment to 12,000 by 2020.
  2. SSCC will develop and implement an integrated marketing plan to increase public awareness.
  3. SSCC will increase alternative sources of revenue for the operating budget through alternative sources.
  4. SSCC will pursue a global focus in education and service.
  5. SSCC will adopt national best practices to provide a campus environment that is safe, sustainable, and secure.
  6. SSCC will develop a comprehensive long-range plan to utilize technology.