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2016-2017 College Catalog 
2016-2017 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Degrees and Certificates

Shelton State Community College offers career technical programs designed to prepare students for today’s workplace. A student may begin a career/technical program any semester and upon completion of requirements receive the associate in applied science degree or a certificate. The associate in applied science degree is awarded to students who complete the requirements of a specific career or professional program of study. These programs of study range from sixty (60) to seventy-six (76) semester hours with a portion of the programs designed to ensure competency in oral and written communication, critical thinking, computer literacy, mathematical principles, and/or scientific reasoning. The core of the program contains courses designed to teach the necessary skills required to enter a career field. Additional information regarding programs of study in technical fields may be obtained from this catalog or the specific technical advisor available to assist students in the advising and registration process.

Long-term certificates are awarded in most programs in which the associate in applied science is offered, as well as other career fields where the AAS degree is not offered. Long-term certificates vary in length from thirty (30) to sixty (60) semester hours, depending on the choice of career fields. The general education component of the certificate program contains, as a minimum, three semester hours each in written composition, mathematics, computer literacy skills, and speech. In general, long-term certificates contain most, if not all, of the technical career courses required in the AAS degree.

Short-term certificates are available in some career fields where AAS degrees and/or long-term certificates are offered. The short-term certificates vary in length from nine (9) to twenty-seven (27) semester hours and are designed to allow the student to acquire basic technical skills in a short amount of time. Only minimal academic education requirements are included.

Programs of Study

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