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2010-2011 College Catalog 
2010-2011 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate in Arts / Associate in Science

Transfer Opportunity Curriculum

Transfer opportunities are offered through the Associate in Arts Degree and the Associate in Science Degree. The Associate in Arts degree program is designed for students who plan to transfer to a senior institution and pursue a course of study in a liberal arts area. The Associate in Science degree program is designed for students who plan to transfer and pursue a course of study in a general field or specialized professional field. The following outline of general education requirements for these two degrees should be completed with consideration of the academic requirements of the institution to which students intend to transfer and in consultation with an academic advisor.

Essential Functions of Educational Programs

Essential functions and academic requirements are defined for education programs at the College. These functions and requirements are on file in the Offices of Admissions, the Office of the Dean of Instructional Services, and the Office of the Dean of Student Services.

Associate in Arts / Associate in Science

Area I – Written Composition: 6 Credit Hours

Area II – Humanities and Fine Arts: 12 Credit Hours

Area III – Natural Science and Mathematics: 11-12 Credit Hours

Area IV – History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences: 12 Credit Hours

A student should take no more than six hours in a single discipline

Area V – Pre-Professional, Pre-Major, and Elective Courses: 19-23 Credit Hours

Total Hours Required for Degree: 60 - 64

Transfer Programs Available

The Alabama General Studies Committee has approved program templates and/or articulation guides for the following university transfer programs. Program templates and guides are available at www.stars.troy.edu for public Alabama Colleges and Universities. For private or out of state colleges or universities, the student should contact the institution as early as possible in his/her academic career.

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  • Advertising
  • Agribusiness Economics (AA&MU Only)
  • Agricultural Economics (AU Only)
  • Agriscience Education (AU Only)
  • Agronomy and Soils (AU Only)
  • Animal/Dairy Science
  • Anthropology
  • Apparel and Textiles (UA Only)
  • Apparel Merchandising, Design, & Production Management (AU Only)
  • Applied Mathematics (AU Only)
  • Architecture (AU Only)
  • Art Education
  • Art History B.A.
  • Art Studio B.A.
  • Art Studio B.F.A.
  • Athletic Training


  • Behavioral Science (ATHENS Only)
  • Biology
  • Biology Education (Middle/High School)
  • Biomedical Engineering (UAB Only)
  • Biomedical Sciences (USA Only)
  • Building Science (AU Only)
  • Business (All Business Majors)
  • Business Education: Middle/High School


  • Career Technical Education (ATHENS Only)
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry Education (Middle/High School)
  • Clinical Lab Sciences/Medical Tech
  • Communication Studies or Speech
  • Computer Science
  • Consumer Sciences (UA Only)
  • Criminal Justice
  • Cytotechnology (UAB Only)


  • Dance (UA Only)


  • Economics B.A.
  • Elementary or Early Childhood Education
  • Emergency Management (JSU Only)
  • Engineering - Aerospace
  • Engineering - Biosystems (AU Only)
  • Engineering - Chemical
  • Engineering - Civil
  • Engineering - Computer Engineering
  • Engineering - Computer Science
  • Engineering - Electrical
  • Engineering - Industrial
  • Engineering - Materials
  • Engineering - Mechanical
  • English (BA or BS)
  • English/Language Arts Education:Middle/High School
  • Environmental Science
  • Environmental Science (AU Only)
  • Exercise Science and Wellness (JSU only)


  • Family and Consumer Sciences (JSU Only)
  • Family and Consumer Sciences (UM Only)
  • Fisheries Science (AU Only)
  • Food and Nutrition (UA Only)
  • Foreign Language
  • Forestry (AU Only)
  • French Education: Middle/High School


  • General Science Education: Middle/High School
  • General Studies in Human Environmental Sciences (UA Only)
  • Geography
  • Geography Education: Middle/High School
  • Geology
  • Geomatics (Troy Only)
  • German Education: Middle/High School
  • Graphic Design (AU Only)


  • Health Education: Middle/High School
  • Health Information Management (UAB Only)
  • Health Promotion (AU Only)
  • Health Science (ATHENS Only)
  • Health Sciences (UAB Only)
  • Health Services Administration (AU Only)
  • Health, P E & Recreation (UNA Only)
  • History
  • History Education: Middle/High School
  • Horticulture (AU Only)
  • Hotel & Restaurant Management (AU Only)
  • Human Development & Family Studies (AU Only)
  • Human Development & Family Studies (UA Only)
  • Human Environmental Sciences (UNA Only)
  • Human Services (Troy Only)


  • Industrial Design (AU Only)
  • Industrial Hygiene (UNA Only)
  • Information Systems (USA Only)
  • Information Technology (USA Only)
  • Interior Architecture (AU Only)
  • Interior Design (AU Only)
  • Interior Design (UA Only)
  • International Studies (UAB Only)
  • Interpreter Training (Troy Only)


  • Journalism


  • Laboratory Technology (AU Only)


  • Math Education: Middle/High School
  • Mathematics
  • Meterology (USA Only)
  • Music
  • Music Education (Middle/High School)


  • Nuclear Medicine Technology (UAB Only)
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition & Food Science (AU Only)


  • Philosophy
  • Physical Education
  • Physics
  • Physics Education (Middle/High School)
  • Political Science
  • Polymer and Fiber Engineering (AU Only)
  • Poultry Science (AU Only)
  • Pre-Denistry
  • Pre-Law
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy
  • Pre-Optometry
  • Pre-Osteopathic Medicine
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Pre-Speech Therapy
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine
  • Psychology B.A. or B.S.
  • Public Administration (AU Only)
  • Public Relations
  • Public Safety & Health Administration (Athens Only)


  • Radiologic Sciences
  • Recreation Leadership (JSU Only)
  • Rehabilitation Services Education (AU Only)
  • Rehabilitation [Non-Certification] (Troy Only)
  • Religious Studies
  • Respiratory Therapy/Cardio Science
  • Restaurant and Hospitality Management (UA Only)


  • Social Science
  • Social Studies Education: Middle/High School
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Spanish Education: Middle/High School
  • Special Education
  • Speech Pathology
  • Sport & Fitness Management (Troy Only)


  • Technology, Industrial Technology or Engineering Technology
  • Telecommunication and Film or Broadcasting
  • Textile Management and Technology (AU Only)
  • Theatre


  • Wildlife Sciences (AU Only)

NOTE: Students must print and retain a STARS Articulation Guide for their specific program of study. Failure to do so may result in some courses not being accepted by the receiving institution.