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2013-2014 College Catalog 
2013-2014 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ADN Transfer to LPN Program

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Associate Degree nursing students may apply for admission to the third semester of the practical nursing program after they have completed the first two semesters of coursework –  MTH 100 , ENG 101 , BIO 201 , BIO 202 , NUR 102 , NUR 103 , NUR 104 , NUR 105 , and NUR 106  with a grade of C or better. Students who elect to transfer to the last semester in the practical nursing program will be required to meet the current program admission/readmission requirements. Students will be admitted on a space available basis to the PN program.

To be eligible for this option:

The student must

  1. Complete a transfer/readmission form.
  2. Have a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA at current institution.
  3. Meet clinical record/health record requirements.
  4. The last clinical nursing course, in which the student was successful, cannot be more than 12 months old.
  5. Student will be ranked on cumulative GPA for the purposes of transfer/ readmission to the PN program.
  6. Students who have two attempts in the RN program are only allowed one attempt in the PN program.
  7. Students who are successful may apply for the LPN to RN Mobility Option as outlined in the college catalog.
  8. If unsuccessful in the PN transfer option, the student must meet current admission/progression requirements.

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